Wednesday, September 16, 2009

12 October 2009 - Agile Experience lighting talks

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1. New members introduce themselves
2. Shout out of news and info
3. Agile experience lightning talks (5 minutes each)

Dr. Neill Roodyn - "Watching the changes fly past, 10 years of Agile in 5 minutes"

Todd Farrell - "My experience with an Agile approach with varied results on a couple of projects"

Jason Yip - "Problems I Know You Have: problem patterns I've seen through a lot of Agile coaching"

Stephen Smith - "Simplifying complexity in order to be able to manage greater levels of complexity"

Darren Cotterill - "Games people play with agile estimation: How to convince your boss the story is 5 points when they want it to be 1"

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